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What is Finsperry 2020?

Finsperry 2020 is a virtual fan-made festival where artists and bands will be performing throughout the day in order to raise money for the NHS.


When is Finsperry 2020 taking place?

Finsperry 2020 will be taking place on 11th July 2020.


How can I watch Finsperry 2020?

You can purchase a virtual or physical wristband from our store. Once you have purchased the wristband, closer to the event you be emailed a E-Ticket with a password to access the livestreams from our website.


Is Finsperry 2020 affiliated with The 1975?

Finsperry 2020 is in no way affiliated with The 1975.


What time will the event take place?

As it stands the event will take place between 11 am and 11pm BST (subject to change).

Will performances at Finsperry be live?


Yes and no, we will broadcast never before seen exclusive performances from all artists on our lineup. However, they will not be live due to logistical reasons - we will broadcast them at the same time for everyone though, so you will all be watching them together as if it was live.


Where does the money raised from Finsperry 2020 go?

100% of all profits made will be donated to the NHS JustGiving page after the event has taken place.


Can I donate to Finsperry 2020?

Yes, you can donate by purchasing wristbands for the event and by purchasing raffle tickets.

Can I buy multiple raffle tickets?

Yes, you can!


When will I receive my physical wristband?

If you have ordered a physical wristband for the event, we will do our best to deliver wristbands before the event due to COVID-19. You will be updated as soon as your wristband has been shipped.


Is Finsperry 2020 an international event?

Yes, if you are from outside the UK, you can participate in the event by purchasing the virtual wristband. Unfortunately, we are unable to post wristbands outside of the UK.


Can I enter the giveaway if I live outside of the UK?

Yes, you can, the Finsperry 2020 giveaways are international and can be posted internationally.

Is there a way to get involved with Finsperry?

The best way to get involved is to donate to the great cause we are raising money for! However, if you have any additional ideas/advice/information or could help with the lineup then feel free to contact us.

How can I get in contact with the organizers?

Feel free to DM us on our socials (@Finsperry) or email us at bookings@finsperry.co.uk.

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