£2 Donation to the NHS - Includes 1 Raffle Ticket

£2 Donation to the NHS - Includes 1 Raffle Ticket


Raffle Tickets are priced at £2 each or 3 for £5. Raffle Tickets enable you to be entered into a prize draw for the prizes below. Raffle entries are unlimited and non-transferrable. The raffle is an international event. One raffle win equals one raffle prizes. Prizes cannot be swapped or exchanged for others in order to keep the whole process fair for everyone. Deadline for purchase of raffle tickets is 9th July 2020 at 9:00PM BST. All profits from the raffle will be donated to the NHS after the raffle has been concluded.

  • Raffle Information

    The Finsperry Raffle will be drawn on the 11th July, throughout the day. If you win, you will be contacted by email with information on how to claim your prize. Additional donations will add additional entries for you into the raffle.

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